Reverse Shell & Payloads - The live engagement

I’m having issues logging into the skills-foothold via NoMachine RDP. I’m inputting the password as “HTB_@cademy_stdnt!” as stated in the module. Is this the incorrect password or am I suppose to do something to find the password for the Foothold machine? Any help would be much appreciated. :grinning:


Hey man, same problem. What did you do?

I moved onto something else. :laughing: I’m legit stuck and wondering if this is an issue on HTB side of things. I attempted to restart Pwnbox machine multiple times.

May someone advise if I am utilizing the correct credentials to log into the Foothold machine?

Same here, it seems the Docker lab doesn’t come up or there’s some network script issue. The foothold machine also crashes. Repeatedly tried to respawn it, no success.

Same issues for me. The Foothold machine seems to work (RDP connection is successful and I am greeted with a Parrot machine). However, none of the Hosts are reachable even after waiting for a long time.

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Glad to see its not only me. Seems like the docker network is and not how described in the task
Also I can not ssh into my foothold machine. RDP works fine, but ssh is refused as the only open port on the foothold machine is 3389.

Well you have a session, you have root, just systemctl start ssh if you need ssh access :wink:

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Thanks for the ssh tip! This feels so much better than rdp xD

Also the given host machines are now all reachable. Either I needed a few days rest or something has been fixed

Is anyone else receiving this exploit failed message when attempting to run the exploit for the blog site/host2 box? I am unsure what the issue is here.