Retired Machines Download

Is there any way some retired Machines are available to package as an ova for offline practice and education?
Or would creators submit them to VulnHub?

Obvs there is VIP with access to the platform. Just thinking wider…

Creators would not submit them to vulnhub because that defeats the purpose of their business model. If you want access to this content, you have to pay a little bit for it.

10 bucks a month ain’t ■■■■.

Fair enough!

I guess it depends on the creator. Some creators do submit to VulnHub. Frankly speaking, I got to know about HTB from VulnHub. Examples: SolidState and Node.

Correct it’s up to creators after a box is retired. If they decide to upload it they can, it’s their box not HackTheBox’s.

Ah awesome. If like to get hold of Nibbles… May reach out.