Regarding OSCP and my situation

Hello fellow members,

I’ve always had a passion for infosec going as far back to my teenager years. It was my dream to work in this field. However, where I live, dreams seldom come true. Of course I’m not entirely innocent. I should’ve worked harder for my dream instead of succumbing to my parents a long time ago. Currently I’m a phd candidate in an unrelated field. Since there really isn’t an industry in my country the only way for me is to go academic after the phd. However deep down I still want to work in infosec. But I don’t see why anyone would hire me. Anyway, a friend of mine, who also graduated from an unrelated field but working in infosec in a relatively good company told me that if I get OSCP, it would at least make potential employers think twice. I’m now thinking maybe I should give a shot at my dream job before going full academic after phd. What do you experienced people think about this? Would I have a chance or should I let it go?

To be honest, you need to follow your dream job and work hard until you got it.

I wish I understood that years ago… It is never late but I think advices from people in this field will be valuable for planning a path for me.

@krypt I’m almost 40 and although I have been in Technology jobs for mot of my working career I only decided that InfoSec was my passion a couple of years ago. I worked hard, though I still have a TON to learn, but I landed my first job in infosec a few months ago. This is without any degree or certifications yet. You can do it, if you are willing to do it.

Go for it. You can do it. Never too late.

OSCP + CISSP could give you a shot and fast forward 2 years of OTJ, and you’re gucci.

Thank you mates. This means a lot to me. I’m all hyped up now :slight_smile: