Reading SNMP OIDs from a file with braa

Can anyone explain how to properly use braa with a file containing a list of OIDs? Here is what I’ve tried:
The file contains OIDs in the following format:

I’m using the asterix as a wild card.

When I use braa, I get the following error:
braa -f file.txt public@targetIP
Unable to process queries: Invalid syntax: ‘1.3.6.*’. (file file.txt)

I’ve used different variations for OID syntax such as placing :. in front of each line.
I’ve tried placing the :. after the IP on command line in terminal.

I’ve searched google, bing, scoured forumns, stackoverflow, superuser, etc. Can’t find a way to make this work. Does anyone know how to read OIDs from a file using braa?

I should also mention that I haven’t tried a for loop, but the man page for braa suggests this isn’t necessary considering the option -f.