Footprinting hard lab

Hi, im at footprinting hard lab and stuck after i use nmap for pop3/ imap, and SNMP
can you guy show me next step to do it? thank you

Take a closer look at SNMP

I solved it, i was confused where to look at community string in onesixtyone but it all good now

Kindly any hint for me?
The last thing I’ve achieved is connecting to tom’s via ssh.
I don’t know what to do after.

after you login tom account:
use “ls -al”
you will see .bash_history
use “cat .bash_history”
you will see history of tom using username and password to login mysql

that’s my hint, good luck!!!

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hey mate i just use onesixtyone and the exact list from SNMP section from SecLists but i don’t find any valid name. only Linux NIXHARD. Any tip?

pay attention to the one inside the [ ]
after that use braa


The community string is actually what’s inside the brackets. In this case, when you run onesixtyone the community string should be [backup]. Everything else doesn’t really matter (for the purposes of plugging into braa). Hope this helps.


this was a great lesson thanks for the tip

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I have no SNMP in my scan.

You scanned TCP only

Thanks. It was helpfull.