Rastalabs Nudge

Hi everyone
can anyone that has done rastalabs before give me a nudge for foothold?
I’ve done many things for 7 days o so but I just can’t get something to work
If you can help DM me and I will tell you what I’ve done so far

which pro lab are you taking ?

Hey am doin RastaLabs, i have the user list i created a password list seasonsyears! any idea? Thanks in advanced

Hello, if possible I was hoping to walk through the process I am using to try to gain a foothold in rasta labs and maybe get a hint if I am completely off.

Well I too am stuck on the initial phase of it, I have tried quite a few lists but none seems to work for me as of right now.

Any quick hint to getting foothold, stuck for a really quite long time.

Hi have you find any solutions for initial foothold. I tried phishing but not working