Help with .10

I had a question for someone to point me in the right direction. Trying to get a foothold on this network.

got a foothold on rasta. now for the challenging part

Hi all,

In the same position that Tiger. Possible to have a hint from someone?

Thanks a lot!

I am in the same boat trying to to get foothold on this network ? .10 makes me crazy

@daddy35 any luck? I’m frustrated as ■■■■. Feel free to PM

I’m having a problem with getting a foothold as well. I think I know the direction I’m supposed to be going but need some small advice. Can someone PM me?

I am in the same spot that AnyConnect was in trying to get an initial foothold. Can anybody give me a nudge? There are two separate paths I have gone down, but it seems like I have hit a dead end on both.

I was able to figure this out. You can ignore this.

Sorry to hijack the thread but anyone who has done offshore… I really need a hint to escalate my low priv shell in the DMZ i have been looking at it for dayz! Also will there be an offshore forum category created at any point? Please PM me!

Also the foothold is on .123

Am I missing something entirely?? What’s the network range that we’re supposed to be working in? I just spent the last 30 minutes doing a ping sweep of every RFC1918 address out there.

We are given machine names but no DNS server to query for IP’s. I MUST be missing something stupid. Someone please point me in the right direction.

** Disregard… Unmucked myself. **

Alright I’ve tried file upload, LFI, I need some assistance. Someone please PM me to help me get on the right track.

Trying to get a foothold and may need some help. Please PM me. Thanks.

I’m Planning on doing this lab next month is there anyone from Thailand who would like to join me in this challenge

Someone please help me…crying I’ve tried so much and I just can’t find a way. I have made custom scripts to check for things, I just can’t figure it out. I feel like I should have started with Offshore but I didn’t read the post before so I’m tryna tough it out.

Someone please…please give me a nudge…please :frowning:

Anyone able to DM me a hint for initial access in Rastalab?

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I am stuck as well on the initial foothold, can someone please give me a nudge?

I’m stuck also on the initial foothold. Tried already a lot of things. Someone that can give me a hint?

Same boat. Seems like I should take umbrage, but that’s a slippery sope.