Rank not Showing Points Earned

Just now I have completed Postman, Traverexec, and OpenAdmin - none of which seem to be applying to my progress towards Pro Hacker. Anyone have any ideas why this might be the case?

You’ve lost the points from the previous machines you rooted. Now, for example, if your rank is pro hacker and you need some points towards Elite Hacker, you need to have 200 points in order to get at least 1% towards the next rank.

There’s a certain delay in rank being updated. It tends to have all been updated by the next day.

@ion21 so you are saying i don’t just lose all points back to where my last rankup was? i lose ALL points on my account from the very beginning?

@slixperi look at my rank for example. I finished 3-4 boxes in the last week, but haven’t got any points. No, I mean I have got points, but not progress towards my next rank. If I remember right, I will only be able to have some progress to get my next rank if I have 150-200 points. If you are pro hacker here but haven’t visited htb for months and now have 0 points, you can think of it as you’re in the red.

i lose ALL points on my account from the very beginning?
Yes. My first machine was curling, which got retired almost a year ago. Where are the points that box provided me that day?

On HTB, points are given by completing active challenges and machines. As you complete these, your ‘ownership’ percentage increases, which is what controls your rank. When a box/challenge is retired, you do not lose the points, but your ownership percentage will fall. However, if you’ve reached a milestone and obtained a rank, you will not lose that rank, even if your percentage falls below it.