[URGENT] I solve active machines and I get less points

Today I solved an active easy machine of 30p.

Before solving it I’ve 21 points.

When I submitted user flag my points decreased to 15 points !!!

When I sumbitted root flag I got back to 21 points !!!

What’s that !!!

My progress towards next level is always 0
Total ownership doesn’t change.

The same happened with me last time I solved 2 easy active machines of 60 points and got 10 points or less…

That’s tooo strange !!!
All my points are lost !!!

I’ve this same kind of problem. For me some machine are rooted with a total of 0 point earned lol. I’m not sure how all this stuff works, but it seems to be clearly more diffucult to understand than ELO point ^’

Not all points are lost but some points are lost.

The point and rank system is described on: HTB Help - Introduction to Hack The Box

If a machine or a challenge retired, then you lost the points. On your User mbz profile - activities you see the points of the active machines and challenges and the 0 points of retired machines.

To reach the next rank you must reach a specified total % of Ownership of active machines/challenges. But you don’t lost your rank if your %ownership decreases, you only have % to the next rank.

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The 3 machines I mentioned in my post are active ones (not retired).

I know that points decreases when machines got retired…

Today i submitted opensource user flag and got -6 points !!! This is ridiculous ??!
I submitted root flag and got +6 points ------> as i haven’t solved that machine !!!

I’m talking about FINAL SCORE under my username. On activity tab it shows right +10,+20…
but doesn’t get added to FINAL SCORE

RANK PROGRESS, OWNERSHIP and FINAL SCORE counters are all broken

Is there any HTB technical stuff here ?? This is not normal at all !!!

They have bugs in the system that calculates points.

I should have got 60 points from solving 3 ACTIVE machines. But, got only 10 points

The last machine solved today was opensource i got -6 points for submitting user flag LOOOOOOOOL !!!

Please write down your calculation here. Use the formula described in HTB Help - Introduction to Hack the Box.

The formula to calculate your “Points” is (userOwnPoints + systemOwnPoints + challengeOwnPoints + fortressOwnPoints + endgameOwnPoints + userBloodPoints + systemBloodPoints + challengeBloodPoints) * ownershipPercentage. Please note also the factor ownershipPercentage.

I know all that stuff !

I always get +xx points In FINAL SCORE column under my profile pic. This time I submitted a user flag and got -6 points !!!

How do you explain that ?

I do the calculation for you:

The machine points in your activity on our profile page:

20 10 20 10 20 10

(without the 0 points for retired machines)
Hence the sum of the machine points: 90.

The challenges points:

1 1 4 3 4 4 2 3 6 1 2 1 2 1 1 3 4 3 1 1 3 2 

Hence the sum of the challenge points:53.

Our ownership-percent from your profile page: 14.38%

Your points:

( 90 + 53 ) * 14.39% = 21

The calculation by hand gives the same result as on your profile page.

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Well, I’m not sure there is bug in the system ^^. The most probable is we don’t understand how the points are calculated.

Well, xtal’s answer is perfectly clear. Now we understand how the points are calculated ! x)

and why my progress to next level is always 0. how it’s calculated ?

yeah, what caused my suspicion is that decrease by 6 points in FINAL SCORE when submitting user flag maybe something got retired…

On the overview section of your profile page:

  • Rank: Pro Hacker
  • Ownership: 14.38%

You get an higher rank if you reach a higher ownership (percentage of all active challenges and active machines). On the HTB Help page are the ownership percentage lower limits of the ranks:

  • Pro Hacker 45%
  • and the next rank: Elite Hacker 70%.

Your ownership percentage was above 45% in an earlier state. (You lost points and with that ownership percentage by retiring machines.) Now you ownership percentage is 14%, is lower than the lower limit of your current rank.
First you need to reach again the percentage ownership of your old rank, the 45%. Than you go into the direction of the next rank. If you reach more than 45% ownership, than your percentage to the next rank will be above 0.

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Thank you. sorry for the inconvenience.