Points degradation ?

Just my 2 cents,

Is it an Idea that machine loose points how longer there are active so if you own a box in Week 1 you get 20 points and you hold 20 points until it retires.

If you own it after 2 weeks you get let’s say 15 points and you hold 15 points until it retires.

If you own it after 3 weeks you get let’s say 10 points and you hold 10 points until it retires.

So if there are a lot of spoilers you still get the points but not all the original points.

I don’t agree. Not everyone is using spoilers and not everyone has time to work on a machine on the same day it is released.

There are users joining this community everyday, why would you disallow them to get the maximum points?

I would prefer to get skills than points

Thats also true @peek.

The points make the platform a bit more fun and more challenge is available thanks to them :wink:

To get the points you need skills.
To get skills you don’t need points. That’s why retired machines give you 0.

@Uriel i mean some boxes are really CTF and less realist. You improve your CTF skills not realist skills.

Sure thing @peek, totally agree. This is exactly what we all signed for.

Main page:
“Hack The Box (…) contains several challenges that are constantly updated. Some of them simulating real world scenarios and some of them leaning more towards a CTF style of challenge.”

I learn a lot from everything that is on Hackthebox, but I also like the leaderboard, and the progress percentage.