Playing Fortresses

How do I start playing fortresses? I am already at rank Hacker.

download your fortress vpn.
connect to it.
pick a fortress. they’re all already spawned so the IP is on the fortress page on the left.

By connecting you mean to do openvpn .ovpn on the terminal right? I am doing that, what am i supposed to do with the ip address?

the ip addresses of the fortresses are static. just pick one and start scanning.
you just have to make sure you’re using your fortress vpn and not your lab vpn.
you can download each one separately if you haven’t done so already

Oh ok. There are a list of goals too, what are they?

each fortress has numerous flags.
sometimes the flag names give you hints on what to look for.
that’s about it.

Ok. Thank you!

Why doesn’t my rank increase when I send 1 flag from the fortress? Points will be added when the entire fortress is completed?

Hello, You need to wait the next day to see your points and your rank increse.

But fortresses doesn’t up my rank progress, only points?

You win point in fortress but your % ownership don’t move. If you want to up the % ownership, you need to do machines and challenges. But fortress is very interessant about points.