Jet Fortress - access

SO I have set up the VPN and it says sequence completed so should be fine but when I ping the ip I get no response, does anyone know what to do?

explain the question?

Is there a detailed how-to to get the Fortress running?

Hey I just tried again and I am still able to access the Fortress. Make sure you reegenrate your VPN key if you have not done so already. A few months back the HTB team made some changes and notified everyone that they should regenerate their vpn keys.

Download your Fortress VPN connection pack from here and try again.

Confirm your fortress IP as well from the Fortress page. Let us know if this works, if not you can ping some of the admins on here @Arrexel for additional help.

Still nothing. @Arrexel any help on this?

Hi there,

I think you need to have at least hacker rank to play with the machine.