Synacktive Fortress

Dear all,
The step 3 ( internal VPN) is not working anymore for me :confused: im in step 6.
Can any one try it and tell me if it s on my side or not ? =)
Thanks in advance <3

Same for me, TLS handshake fails…


Hey. need a little bit of help for this one…
I am not that much far into first flag and i have a question

Anyone PM ?

I could really need a little bit of help. How am I supposed to tell the server that I’m the tesla guy?

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I need help with the first flag, anyone could give me a hint?

Thank you!

Just got the first flag. Not looking for any help, but If anyone gets stuck or wants help → feel free to dm :slight_smile: .

Is anybody still on this fortress? I can help till flag 3 but hanging on spongbob. Some help will be really welcome

need a bit help, stuck on first flag

did u manage to get the 1st flag?

not yet, but i think i am on right track now

Hi everyone , anyone able to give me an hint about flag 3 ?
@SPYer @viksant , if you are still stuck in flag 1-2 I can give you a nudge if you need.

bro i really need help over the first two flags of synacktiv please can you help me ???

Sure, you can DM me