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Which version of WordPress is used on the Inlanfreight domain page?

Can someone please help me with the above challenge? Is it Inlanfreight or Inlanefreight domain page?
I have submitted the WordPress version for Inlanefreight but no luck. I have failed to find URL for Inlanfreight. Am I missing something here or thinking too much?

It’s solved. Thanks!!

Good day, i’m not sure to understand what they expect as answer.
I mean, the question is clear, what is the version of WordPress the web site is using. And i mean, it not to hard to find. I used many tools to find it. All tools gave me the same version 5.x.x. But it do not work as an answer. I tried to change the last digit to older version or newer, just in case the website or the course as been updated. But nothing seems to work.

I tried : WordPress 5.X.X
Then just 5.X.X

Maybe somebody had the same issue?