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Which version of WordPress is used on the Inlanfreight domain page?

Can someone please help me with the above challenge? Is it Inlanfreight or Inlanefreight domain page?
I have submitted the WordPress version for Inlanefreight but no luck. I have failed to find URL for Inlanfreight. Am I missing something here or thinking too much?

It’s solved. Thanks!!

Good day, i’m not sure to understand what they expect as answer.
I mean, the question is clear, what is the version of WordPress the web site is using. And i mean, it not to hard to find. I used many tools to find it. All tools gave me the same version 5.x.x. But it do not work as an answer. I tried to change the last digit to older version or newer, just in case the website or the course as been updated. But nothing seems to work.

I tried : WordPress 5.X.X
Then just 5.X.X

Maybe somebody had the same issue?

I got stuck on this question too. I put in a erratum for the fix.

Use WhatWeb, Wappalyzer, or try viewing Page Source for the answer.

Also keep in mind, WordPress follows the major.minor.revision format. It turns out sometimes WordPress can update itself. Perhaps try some different revisions.