Attacking Enterprise Networks - Wordpress Section

Getting this when trying to log into the Wordpress instance with valid credentials:


Any ideas what the problem is?

Hi, I think this might be due to other server that are not yet up.

I have that problem when I try to generate the pdf on tracking.inlanefreight.local site too early.

As far as I’m concerned I have problem to access the gitlab.inlanefreight.local

When I access it normally I have a 502 error. if i try to access it on 8080 I end up opening the support.inlanefreight.local

By the way the with http://gitlab.inlanefreight.local

I receive that :

I had lot of issue with this module like connecting to monitoring.inlanefreight.local that just keep redirecting no matter what (the php set true to session but check ‘1’ to allow connection)… The windows machine that is not running the msfvenom payload for double pivoting, I had to use chisel…

I just miss that last question but can’t access that github :frowning: