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Official discussion thread for TwoMillion.

So I’m set up on the main service but I’m not sure where to go from here? Seems to be pretty empty from everything I can find…

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I’ve also managed to make an account but now I have no idea what to do next! Any pointers would be appreciated!

Nevermind! Got user now going for root :slight_smile:

Update: Got root, fun machine!

Has the machine been removed?


That can sound strange, but I can’t find it.

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Can’t say what’s the problem, but thank you.

have you found it or not ?

yeah, just can’t found it in the machines section. Also some of the retired machines are missing for me.

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Yeah it’s retired from launch

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stuck on priesc, can anyone give a nudge

what is going on whit this machie ? why it was retired '???

I had the same problem. I can’t find that machine from normal search but with the direct link yes :slight_smile:

hello yall

I thought i’ve found the invite code but it does not seem to work. After checking the walkthrough I should be correct but I cant get it working. Anything I’ve missed?

is there a wlakthrough, that is very spoily

this walk-through shouldn’t be available this machine is really good, just made me discover some very important techniques in the hacking world like how API can be in "obfuscated " and the Reverse Engineering needed to deobfuscated that, and this json “/js/htb-frontend.min.js” is just a headache to me

EDIT: oh man, after the ■■■■ hint i lost my apetite to learn about APIs :frowning:

You’re doing it the right way. Not sure why you’re decoding a different code than what you received though? I had some codes not work for me, too. Not sure why. Others worked fine, maybe a timing thing.

Most of the retired boxes have walkthroughs or write-ups available. This is the way to learn new skills, try it on your own and when you get stuck, take a hint from the walkthrough and after succes, repeat it without the walkthrough.