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Official discussion thread for The Last Dance. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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I’ve completed the challenge and I’ll give you some tips,
The hard thing in this challenge is that the encryption in not well documented but in this challenge you can break the flag pretending that it has been x**


Nice challenge, you need some Google and reading the documentation
If you are stuck do not hesitate to DM


This was really fun - and only ‘very easy’ if the player already has a decent understanding of how stream ciphers work at a fundamental level. It took me some brushing up to get there.

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Completed. But wasted a few days pythonizing a solution what toke me to nowhere.

The most important clue: If the solution is not simple, that’s not the solution.

Took me a while to notice the tools I used cut off some characters… make sure to know how many characters you need.

Now I discovered the flag.

Note that keystream-size is diferent than flag-size (Padding)

I made this with a hex representation. After that I represented it in another representation

Challenge pwned. DM me to help.