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Not sure where I’m going wrong. Ended up getting the user flag & player’s login for ssh. Got stuck on getting root so went for a walkthrough. Even still, I’m getting a “none of the stats you selected are available.” No idea why this is, any hints / help at all?

Thanks in advance!

Someone still reading along? Can not decrypt the hash for user player, is there something special to take care of? The soccer_db is not showing anything useful, right?

Just finished this step myself, hash is wrong direction. I had to start enumeration over from scratch at this step. I used sqlmap and interupted the scan, thus it picked up where it left off like the scan finished, so deleted logs to reset.

I’m a little late to the party but I pawned!!! Anyone is more than welcome to DM me if you need a nudge.

So, I’m getting the HTTP error 301 when trying to visit the website? What’s up with that?

I’m already stuck at just trying to get to the webpage and see some stuff. I’m getting a 301 and nothing more. Other paths dont work either like/ tiny or something. Do you know how to solve that? Tried putting the ip and hostname in /etc/host but that didn’t solve anything.

nice box! root was a lot easier for me than user… for root i had a clue what to from the linpeas results, it only took some time and googeling to find the right syntax. but user was another topic… i don’t think i would have found it without clues from this forum.

i dont know if you already solved this but today i got the same error and it took some headscratches to find out why i got this error… beware of the name of the payload you are making, use the right prefix.

Just to make sure is a typo, you edited /etc/hosts (the file where you can put ips and the respective websites) or /etc/host, because this could be the issue.