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Rooted! Very nice box! Amazing debut for the box creator.


Got a shell, any hints for user?

Same here, I think maybe found a way to perform privesc from player to root, but no idea how to get the lateral movement in the first place. Any nudge would be appreciated.

EDIT: Ok, nginx conf files show me the other site, I manage to manual enumerate db name, accounts table and username, email and password for player, but it didnt work as system user neither via the login page, its normal?

Hi , Can i dm you about the root ?


can i get some help on root too ?

same bro it is not an easy box

Just DM if you need help. I am not about to give every individual permission to DM me.

I have the Rev but I’m stuck in the user, any hint?

Nevermind, already rooted, thanks to @JacobE who helped me to detect a couple of mistakes.

Some hints:

  • The initial foothold is simple, just enumerate and try usual stuff. From there should be easy to get something up.
  • After the initial foothold, there is a file which should show you that there is a new server on the block :wink:
  • Once you visit the new block, ask around with the syringe (if you do it manual, beware the case sensitive asks, it was my first mistake)
  • The final step is very straightforward, once you know which is the program, you should only read the man pages and carefully check your write permissions (it was my other mistake)

Anyone stuck, feel free to DM me.


Actually, i got a shell access but i don’t know how to get root privilege.

That’s the user flag you’re looking at, not root. Folks above have given some pretty good hints on getting to the correct user.

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rooted bois! :slight_smile:

this has another subdomain

and try spoiler removed

Be careful that the address changed

I don’t know what to do next. I can’t find any new d

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I uploaded my shell. I don’t know what to do next, because I haven’t found anything new

Just keep calm and stop spamming every message. Use DM to someone from above.

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