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Official discussion thread for Skyfall. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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Try subdomain enum!

Liked this one and learned new stuff from this box, but this is nowhere near the Insane difficulty… boxes like Corporate, RegistryTwo are several degrees of difficulty beyond this one.

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Definitely. User was hard++, close to insane, perhaps, since it is was long-winded and required researching some tech stacks, protocols, etc. Looking and digging deep into things. However, difficulties are always subjective and hard to pinpoint since it depends on the person. And boxes should be considered as black boxes, haha. Then there is no “expectation” :smiley:

Notwithstanding, it was a fun box that finished quite finicky (and maybe stupid?). But hey, sense of achievement was there. As for the nudges, just enumerate, everything. And pay attention to detail. There are things along the way that you can easily skip by not paying attention (or using diff, or comparison, just quickly skimming through is not enough). There is plenty of documentation on everything you need to use along the line, just research and find those docs and parameters you need to work with. Cheers, GG, nice one, moving on the season.

Sometimes it feels good to have our lazy Sundays back if it’s an insane box, tho.


Nice box. Documentation sucks, however you can still help yourself with what is available.
Small hint for root - ask yourself the good question: And what if…?

Is the minio thing a rabbit hole


hello, can you send some help this way?

any hints on root please dm

Very nice box, feel free to DM me for nudges.

I can only say that vault’s documentation is really bad, root is easy, user is harder

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got root

mc: Unable to initialize new alias from the provided credentials. The difference between the request time and the server’s time is too large. can ahyone help please

Download the MinIO Client (mc) binary and place it in the directory /usr/bin. After doing so, retry the task to ensure proper functionality

Change your system time, and remove the spoiler bro.

got the as**y home directory with keys but can’t figure out what to do next, can i get a little nudge

Hi guys !
i used the client but i find nothing interested, am i missing something ?

see sudo -l