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Just want to say thanks for everyone for the tips for us noobs - y’all are rockstars for guiding the way. To echo what a lot of others said, it feels stupidly easy once you get it, but can definitely be tough in the moment. Just keep working at it and you’ll get there.

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any hint for root?

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how did you find the creds btw?

Got that initial foothold, but none of the CVE’s are working for me. I hope, it’s related to unauthenticated. Can someone give a nudge?

yap its related to something of that nature, and make sure the CVE shouldn’t be from 2022 below, get something from 2023 or up maybe will do

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To whomever deleted my hint you are no fun!!! IT was funny! :rofl:

I think system sometimes delete some of the hints that may be too direct.

I know… No fun indeed :speak_no_evil:

■■■■ this one wrecked me more than it should have. Thanks all for the great hints - DM away if you need some help.


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i have my flags User and Root, but its saying incorrect, does the flag regen each reset of the machine?

I guess it does. I was redoing some of the retired machines for a different approach and noting, and it got me different hashes.

i just did reset the shell …etc but its not working either, same flags

I guess it will regenerate after resetting the box, not the shell.

yeah, it got reset but nothing has changed, i still have files i uploaded i did to test and everything works okay

YEAAAH. Bruh we about to get wrecked.

True, not expecting to even get user flag lol


Ima make it my ■■■■■. Just kidding ima be the ■■■■■

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Part of me wants to give it a shot. Part of me thinks “ain’t no way”

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You can either fail in silence or learn by failure, its all up to you… But I believe the failure adds up to success at some point. Its still your choice to make, and I am asking why are you even thinking? LoL!

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