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Official discussion thread for PermX. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

@FroggieDrinks, @SpiritWolf, @hacetuk

And once more into the fray! :eyes:


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LETS GOOOO. :frog:

100% next week is a insane box. Im not ready im not ready.

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Haha definitely. Only one insane box in the season up until now.

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You should be bro :joy: I’m pretty sure it would not be a smiley


Obviously we have to exploit weak permissions in this box xoxoxoxox good luck mates hang in there

Will they be able to surpass xct? :thinking:

After these hard boxes last couple weeks something this easy feels suspicious :frog: Literally fastest user Ive done to date lol. I appreciate the easy ones :green_heart:


Enjoyed this one!

I’m busting my head against a NTLM Relay target and haven’t even started to check this box… Good to see it’s easy enough for a break

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hi guys, still trying to figure out the foothold, a tiny small nudge please ?


Hii. Found some default creds in the other subdomain but dont know what to do with them, because I cannot login. Have you attained foothold?

I must be tripping because I know I’m overlooking something obvious.


Was hoping I could have gotten in the top 100 but had to step away. Man it was at less than <50 pwns when i left work. You all quick on this one :frog:


Did anyone actually get into the admin panel for the foothold ? Just curious cause i either totally missed it and got lucky or its just not necessary.

I did it as an administrator, but it’s not necessary

DM me how you found admin access please im curious.


Can anyone help with the initial access