Official NoClip Discussion

Official discussion thread for NoClip. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Very new to this, being my first game cracking project

Hi, I’ve completed the challenge, but I think I did it in an unintended way. I’d like to ask indications about the possible intended way, who can I ask to?

Hello i am the creator of this challenge,
Indeed we can do the challenge in a different way than it was planned.
If you want we can talk in private about how i planned to complete this challenge.

Thank you, I’ve sent you a message


Any hints? Should i reverse dump structure or hack elf? Should i try some specific tools? I tried to look with PINCE, but no luck

Thank you

The name of the challenge is already a hint, try to see how the map is loaded.
There are several ways to complete the challenge.

Good luck