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Is the flag split up in multiple parts? I “finished” the challenge, but the flag I got seems to be incomplete.


I solved this challenge very easily and I imagine my solution wasn’t the intended approach. What is the intended lesson in this challenge?

This is my first time doing something like this. Is there any good resources out there for this sort of thing?

I saw a post from PandaSt0rm (the creator) called 'Intro to GamePwn aka Game Hacking. Not sure if it’s a spoiler tho.

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Did you figure out if the incomplete flag was a bug? I’m running into the same issue.

A friend of mine told me he just ‘guessed it’, but I think the right way to solve the flag is to reverse engineer the code.

I had the same issue with the flag seemingly cut off. Not sure if it was intentional.
Think about what the flag actually is.

Yeah, this is frustrating. I can’t guess the rest either. Did anyone actually find the rest of the flag somewhere in the challenge itself?

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Yes you can find the rest of the flag in the challenge itself. Think in terms of data types.

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same here.

I think they fixed the challenge. When checking the changelog, it said it was edited 8 days ago. If you download the challenge again and try again it should work :slight_smile:

To acquire the full flag use the same technique twice. Look in the same corner and soon you will get the idea.

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After completing the challenge, I don’t get why looking for the flag string in memory returns nothing

Can I dm someone for a hint. This is driving me crazy. I updated with the new files (didn’t realize there had been an update) and now my previous solution doesn’t work anymore. Not sure what else to do