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Official discussion thread for CubeMadness2. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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Hi! I don’t understand what I do wrong. I’m bypassing CRC in memory, change the value, but i don’t see Key.

That is the wrong approach, you want the flag not points :slight_smile:

ok bro but still not working

Well I finally got it, the grey comment is a bit confusing… so this challenge is similar to cubeMadness1 the only difference is that you don’t know exacly what you’re lookin for… you know where is everyone and where goes who you’re looking for…

Can anyone give me some advice on this flag? I’m not finding the hexadecimal

I managed to get the score of 20/20 but I have no more ideas on how to recover the flag. Can i have a little hint? Im still new to GamePwn… :slight_smile:

Feel free DM me on Discord if you need on CubeMadness2:


I believe the solution would be more logical if the points had some “bar” like a “life bar” or in some kind of “gauge” metric. The solution is simple , I just don’t believe that it is easy to realize it because the game shows an exact number.

where is my mistake i did 20/20 but there is no flag

I am stuck here. Isnt there a hint? i bypessed and managed to change the value. but flag does not seem?

I am also stuck, I’ve changed the values to give me the points, but there is no flag in site. Am I supposed to decompile the program and find the flag in the code instead of get 20 cubes like last time?