Official SecretRezipe Discussion

Official discussion thread for SecretRezipe. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Im noob, stucked with cracking zip password. Rockyou isn’t useful

me2, that’s a 36 characters password so I think it’s just impossible :frowning:

it’s about the Logic, not Password :3

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I finaly got it, a tip:
Your only target in this challenge is the file not the machine :wink:

ive tried a lot any nudge would be helpful i couldnt find a flaw in the logic

I’ve already broken my whole brain. Can someone give me a hint?

Exactly. There is no need to look for a vulnerability in the code. Deal with the received file.

any hints ■■■ this is taking wayy to long

You need to look for methods to extract data from a password-protected zip archive. Maybe the legacy will help you

Ok this too me Long Enough xD remember guys its not a web challenge but a misc :slight_smile:

Can you DM a hint