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@JSquared / @riboyster - happy to help; you both have DMs

Can someone give a little nudge for user? I think it’s about the mime.xml file
but I have nothing…

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Of course :heart:

I sent you a message related to this topic :relaxed:

There is no need to read all of them, it is possible to search only for those valuable :relaxed:

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Rooted! Pretty good box overall but did need a hint on root priv esc due to some confusion. Anyone who used ghidra willing to reach out and chat about it?

Nevermind, figured out what I misunderstood.

Feel free to reach out for hints!

Loved the rooting part, the user part was kinda annoying though

Very nice box. No so interesting in the beginning, but so good in the finding part

Rooted! :dragon_face:

Escalation had my eyes hurting, so I walked away for a while… then when I returned I quickly sorted things out. That was hilarious. :smiley: