Official Devvortex Discussion

Official discussion thread for Devvortex. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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Can’t wait!

Let’s do it, I am NEVER home a Saturday, this weekend is “special” :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone

Let’s goo! :smiley: Good luck everyone and don’t forget to have fun!

got revshel

what is this can not find anything yet

This reminded me of the old OSCP Lab machines, nice and easy straightforward user and root.
Best hint would be - do not overthink stuff


Bro no one has even got first blood on user or root, how you gonna say you did the machine?

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Website is slow to update, look at machine activity, the root was done in like 21 minutes. Blazing fast fingers those people.

Just got user. I was trying hard to get blood but I was too slow. On the way to root. Very cool machine so far.

Why is the machine so slow LOL just when I got the shell now I’ve to do it all over again ughh LOL

Soooopeerrr slow

any clue? machine is too slow tho

super straight forward machine
lost a ton of time on privesc trying to enumerate other things and didn’t did the most obvious thing

Very Straight forward. Don’t ever overthink on this one

rooted, very easy dam I stayed home a Saturday for a 1-hour machine :slight_smile: Owned Devvortex from Hack The Box! I think I still have time to get to the bar :smiley: :smiley:


Easy box for a peaceful saturday night :smiley: All basic stuff, stick to the roots!

Enjoy yourself :smiley:

Pwned user and root. After 24h DM me for tips.

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