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Rooted !! hint for the root create any .crash file and use it

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Rooted, It was a funny machine. If you are stuck, feel free to DM me tomorrow.

Rooted. I spent more time than i should have trying to create a crash file but didnt end up needing one. Dm me if you have any questions.

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was a fun box, pretty straightforward especially the root part once you understand what’s going on, it’s unfortunate that the machine freezes a lot, I had to reset it multiple times

stuck at root, i know what to do but when i execute the command it just hangs , any one available to dm?

This is an actual easy box on htb, rare sight :slight_smile:
Interesting root, everything else is simple.
Very good box for beginners.

I am somewhat confused on enumerating domains. You always have to define any htb domains you find manually in your /etc/hosts file so how exactly does enumerating domains work with an htb box?

Rooted! Thanks to @wrf for the heads up on root :)!


Anyone able to provide a hint for privesc step? I’ve got a foothold. Not sure where to look next.

could use a hint on where to go next after acquiring a foothold shell. still stuck without even user creds.

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A rare actually easy machine on HTB! Very nice. Don’t want to post too big of hints this early. Keep it simple. HackTricks is your friend, and keep enumeration simple. Check for low hanging fruit.


Easy, “follow… the classical footprint”

can anyone help me with privesc?

Where do i even begin, gentlemen?



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Anyone need help my dm’s are open for hints :slight_smile:

Can you give a nudge on root? I have user just not sure where to go from here.

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Rooted! Thank you, @7H31NTR00D3R. For your insight

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@bebop831 bepop831 im sure i have you on discord give me a dm :slight_smile: