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Box not even realised and I already pwned it. Too easy



did u use the indended or unintended way?

Rooting Bookworm right now

Too late. Got first blood already.

Hint for those who are still stuck: enumerate and find all services running and find a way to exploit them
PS: there’s a vulnerability somewhere

Hint: the root flag is /root/root.txt


nice insight, although i think i will have to flag it as heavy spoiler

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your post will be deleted

Dude… those kind of spoilers really do ruin the box…

rooted , box of the season , hint : google is your man here

Honestly after format being a “”“medium”“” box I half expect this box to just be straight-up insane.


■■■■ htb easy box are a bait


Spoiler: This box is full AD besides being Linux. Insane box definetly.

33 sec :open_mouth:

At this point in the season we’ve seen that medium boxes can either be easier than easy or harder than insane, and that hard boxes can be easier than medium. now we just need an insane easy box and an easy insane box, which just so happens to be the two difficulties left :).

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network errors a gogo

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Yeah, htb isn’t really responding that well right now :(.

uh got the ip gyeah …anyway im take it easy dont care at all of frists bloods