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Damnit i hate minecraft. Anyhow goodluck, seems to be straightforward

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Does one really need to install client for exploitation? That would be kind of annoying…

This is really frustrating, since it seems you get blocked/service stops responding if your payload fails. With multiple players this is a nightmare.

Edit: rooted.

I hope not, I know nothing of it. :smiley:

Even though I had to reset the box a dozen times, this was a lot of fun

pretty straightforward if you know where to look, winPEAS won’t help you

I’m frustrated, do I really need the Minecraft client? I have the PoC but I’m exhausted looking for how to connect, I’ve already downloaded the official unofficial client, would piracy be the solution to having a client?

Need to look for an interesting file that will contain information to admin


use TLauncher and launch the version shown in nmap


Every time exploit is used, machine becomes unconnectable. So with multiple people attempting to break it, it’s essentially first come first serve, and then you need to reset the machine. Killing other’s progress. :frowning:

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Feel free to reach out for nudges for user (haven’t done root yet).

If you have access to dedicated instances - this will greatly reduce frustration caused by machine becoming unavailable from time to time.

Yes, this machine is nothing else but frustrating. You know what to do, but you simply cannot do it because you need to reset … or, if you succeed, someone else resets. And then you start over again because there is no checkpoint.

Rooted. Tbh both user and root aren’t difficult, just super annoying.
I don’t think I’ve ever hated a box so much


Yes its sucks a lot, i hate this machine, i dont have more resets today XD

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Got user and now just banging my head trying to get back for pesc …
Feedback: Maybe creds + SSH or RDP for people who already sploited?

Yeah, same here. Cannot reset anymore today. Currently it looks like everybody is waiting for somebody else resetting the machine, waiting minutes until it is back and then being the first delivering the payload - hoping that no further resets occur.

The worst machine I have every played. Exploiting could be fun, but not with 2 or more people trying the same time. Just offering some connection would indeed have helped to quickly get back where one has been.

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After a lot of headache, I realised that I can switch VPN to "EU Release Arena 1 ". There I still could reset and spawn and didn’t collide with other players. Although I’m not a VIP.

rooting is straightforward, just looks at the other tips here - everything is already said.

Glad to be out of that machine and leave you guys the “fun”.

Obtaining user and root access was relatively simple but it’s essential to emphasize the use of the correct Minecraft client. Additionally I encountered some lagging issues on my Linux machine while using the client… Overall, it was a fun machine :pirate_flag:. Feel free to DM for nudges

I did not like the machine. The higher port was not always open. And when the port was open, I could not connect to it and got a lote of timeout. Also needed a lot to download (the exact client, the right java and so on) which crashed my VM. After some resets it suddely worked…

Hello any tool for root (i think its the plugin but i don’t have solution for decompile the jar file). Ty