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You don’t need to decompile, a jar file is a compressed file but renamed :slight_smile:

Got it! Thanks for the insight…I’ll explore other avenues and see if I can still uncover the admin password…Appreciate your input :innocent:!,btw i think you have replied to wrong comment :sweat_smile:

Can someone have a solution for obtain a stable powershell ? because when i want to connect a adminshell i lost all my work

This saved my ■■■. Not necessary, but makes it easier imo

Can’t get y*****al making my payload working . I never used it before and think i need some help or a good link to explain …

i got system flag, thanks for all for tips, about TLAUCHER and VPN to "EU Release Arena 1

easy box

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just to note in case it helps anyone - you don’t actually have to download the game to get into this machine.

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Hey! Would you be able to help me with my payload? I’ve gotten the call backs from the exploit.


Edit: Apparently I’m an idiot and can’t find the DM button… Removed things that were a bit too spoiler-y, even though I’m sure just about everyone knows what is going on here.

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check the code generated by your exploit remember its a windows machine

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i dont know what to do, i have to much errors since yesterday :
“EOFError: Unexpected end of message.
“OSError: [Errno 113] No route to host”
“Connecting in offline mode…
Connected.” => but no shell

very boring …

I’ve downloaded TLauncher and tried to connect to the Crafty server but it just keeps timing out… Using version 1.16.5…

After a painful foothold (and sooooo many reset/restart), I finally got my hand on what looks like an admin password. But can someone tell me how to use that in a non-interactive PS? Thanks

I get the response from minecraft to the exploit but after that my netcat don’t get a request… what am I doing wrong?


Did you check the payload (and options) of your exploit? Don’t forget the server is a Windows

guys i get this always what should I do

I downloaded Tlauncher and connected to the server but I’m stuck on getting a shell not sure what to do, if anyone could throw me a hint that would be great.

im where u are …

Anyone know how to solve this TLauncher issue?