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finally root… ask me, if you have questions…

cant connect to mysql , the password end with “!!”
any help please??

Needed to fix a minor bug in the


pwn script

… Otherwise an easy box.

Hello, what is the username you use to connect the db?

Well, spent quite some time on the box but it was fun.

Initial foothold: try to read carefully the content of the main page for any clues which you may use for the VHOST enumeration. Once found, you can easily find public exploit.

User: read framework docs carefully and try to find where sensitive data is stored usually.

Root: as mentioned before, linpeas is your friend, hopefully, you will see the light with its help :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a begginer here so it might be a dumb question. I found the subdomain but when I try to access it I land on the same board.htb page. Any idea to fix this ?

Domains and sub-domains are to be added to /etc/hosts as they are discovered.