Official Ambassador Discussion

Official discussion thread for Ambassador. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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Rooted! Nice Medium linux box (on the easier side). Thanks to the author! Thanks for showing me a new technology and how to hack it :slight_smile:

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Finally Rooted :saluting_face:

Few steps for a medium but out of the ordinary machine. It’s entertaining.

Send me a DM if u are stuck at any point. :grin:

rooted. Nice easy to medium box. PM for any help required.

Just rooted the machine, i would say that it should be classified as easy rather than medium, everything is in plain sight :smiley:
For anyone stuck just send a DM.

very nice machine for anyone stuck DM me.
i created an python script to automate the machine
if anyone needed feel free to DM me.


any hints on priv esc anyone?

Rooted! Really nice machine. If you are into DevOps this will be a piece of cake.

Foothold/User: Visualize from the outside and you will see the inside.
Root: Understand what ports are running and how you can interact with them. Be aware of some rabbit holes inside!

Rooted. If someone needs help DM me.

Rooted. :cowboy_hat_face: Good box. First thought foothold and user were really piece of cake and “Easy” level pwning, but root got my head spinning, which was nicely ~“Medium” level.

Here few tips


  • Enumerate ports and its services precisely.

  • Many passwords and users included in progress, be precise.


  • Look for a git repo to point you in the right direction.

Rooted! It is a nice box.
DM me on discord (n3hal#1527) if you need a hint.

Rooted, fun box.
I got stuck on privesc for a while because I forgot the #1 rule whenever you find a git repo

What’s the #1 rule?

Always check the git history

I’ve added you, I need some help !

I got the user.txt but it is not getting accepted, I tried cracking it with MD5 but no help

I got the User.txt but it seems encrypted I don’t know what to do I tried MD5 but failed


Lovely box, no need extensive digging, bruteforcing it leads you all the way
User: it’s easy, you know the beginning how it ends
Root: consult with the manual :wink:

ROOTED…!!! really nice box…if u guys stucked anywhere…just dm for hints…!!!

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