offensive security

Oscp had issues with dns and their server, people could not send their exam report, Im waiting for my exam results for 2 weeks now, they never answer.
it’s supposed to be a professional certification, but they dont manage professionaly.
could someome PM me what to do now, if you have contact with them ?

Their support is awful.

what is weird, we can send money, but cant make a call, no phone numbers.

Type your comment> @YanTayga said:

Recently I requested email changing, it was processed via email pretty fast…

good for you, I tried my 2 email addresses and I got no answer. Now Im a little bit scared to see that they dont have any phone number. Which serious company has no phone number ?

i’ve never had any issues with offensive security, they are always fast to respond and fix issues :confused:

they banned me cos I complained about their support

I delivered my exam a week ago and recently received the results, didn’t have any problem with their servers, perhaps you had bad luck.

fortunately i asked several issues to them and they replied pretty fast…But i believe you may have encountered such issues.Anyway wish you good luck.

I will start eCPPT and promote their certifications, thanks fellows

i dont want to open a debate about prices, there are many talks on reddit about that

@peek you get answer?

I took the exam on July 26, submitted my report on July 28th, and I got my passing result on August 3rd. It was outside of the SLA of 5 business days for a result, but for my exam guide I was told there would be delays starting Aug. 1 due to BlackHat and DefCon.

P.S. I also got my confirmation email for receipt of my exam report within a few hours of submission.

That sucks dude. =/

eCCPT is very good, and the test is more realistic, also 100% practical, but you have 1 week… that is what we have when we do it professionally. I like both eCCPT and OSCP but if I had to ask someone that is going to work with me I will tell him to do eCCPT first for sure.