How hard is the CPTS?

How hard is the CPTS compared to the exercise at the “ATTACKING ENTERPRISE NETWORKS” module?

Im actually a little bit nervous and skeptical that I might just waste my money if I failed the exam.
I finished the Pentester Path but not really sure whether to buy the exam.

Any ideas / tips / or knowledge sharing regarding the CPTS?

I too am looking for answer to this question. You might find some answers in discord server.

Did you get any tips on this?

Going through it now. About 20 hours into the exam and 0 flags obtained. Time will likely expire without me obtaining a single flag.

The test environment is very slow, which adds on quite a bit of time. Using the pwnbox is faster, but not very convenient when you think about building your report.

I’d say take the training, avoid the certification.

Why would you do that? The CPTS is arguably the best exam compared to exams like OSCP. When you have the cpts you are way more respected than without when applying to jobs and ect

I think as far as certifications go, OSCP is the most recognized. Therefore, all things being equal, I’d get the OSCP.

The Academy training is great, but when you take the CPTS exam, it’s linear and if you get stuck you’re done. No matter what you’ve learned in the academy, when you get 0 out of 14 flags you scored a 0%. Since this is my experience, you can say I’m biased.

Also, since it’s a 10 day exam, I think they feel like they can incorporate brute force techniques that take hours. You can never be sure if you’re just not patient enough, you’re using the right wordlist, or you’ve missed something altogether.

This all or nothing approach to measuring what you may have learned in the academy is brutal.

That’s why I say take the learning material, skip the test.

How did it go?

60 hours or so. Pretty darn tough. A few bottlenecks where if you dont advance, you’re done. Report afterwards is no small thing. Good luck!