noob questions

Hi to all

sorry for my noob questions by on my performed search i did not found the answers.

so if you like to help , i ill be thankfull in advanced

  1. how can i add thinks to my vault?

  2. why machine gets pop up "machine would be reset in 2 minutes but never reset? i ask that because i find a important rsa key in one file doing a machine job but then the file was modified or corrupted , and i never see again that rsa key again, i did machine reset, but stand forever…

  3. can the machine maker change anything as long a machine is online?

  4. what means transfer machine ownership and when should i do that?

  5. can we know when a machine would be retired?

again thanks in advanced for your time spend to answer me.

best regards

  1. not sure.

  2. probably because other people on the box are cancelling the resets. You can see this on the shoutbox: Login :: Hack The Box :: Penetration Testing Labs
    If you are talking about Open Admin, it is almost constantly being reset and people in the middle of an attack wont be too happy about this, so cancel the resets when they can.

  3. I dont think so.

  4. In VIP, you have one active machine at a time and it lasts (ISTR) 24 hours. If you transfer ownership, it doesn’t shut down when the original owner shuts it down or the original time runs out.

  5. It used to be the oldest or second oldest was next to go. It doesn’t seem that clear cut now but generally, the older the box, the more likely. A box over 120 - 140 days old isn’t going to last long and its unusual to see a 30 day old box retire. Notification comes out on Wednesday I think.

thanks for your efforts really apprecieted, now just still need to know something about vault :stuck_out_tongue: