Question about resets

I am new, so this will be a series of noob questions.

How can you see if someone else is connected/working on the machine I will try and attempt?
How can you see if the machine is at 0% progression, basically meaning its 100% reset and it hasn’t been touched.
How many resets can i do? and does it reset right away or the reset request needs to be approved by someone.

i say this because i was connected to a machine and the homepage completely changed after i refreshed it, being idle for about 10 minutes.



Answer 1: there isn’t a way to see if anyone else is connected to the box unless he/she gets the user/root flag and submits that flag, then it will be posted on the Shoutbox.

Answer 2: there isn’t a way to see if the box is 100% reset or still under influence by exploits etc. In a perfect world, everyone would reset the box after he/she completed it.

Answer 3: as far as I know there isn’t a limit on how many resets you do. Once you invoke a reset, your request for a reset is posted in the Shoutbox. There is a 2 minute grace period in which users who are busy completing the box can cancel your request reset. When no-one in your server group cancelled your request, then the box will be resetted after those 2 minutes. Note: a reset may take up to 1 minute (as i have experienced) until the complete box is really 100% reset.

Link to shoutbox: Login :: Hack The Box :: Penetration Testing Labs

Hope this helps

Yes you answered everything perfectly. I understand now

Thank you

There is no limit for resets on the VIP servers, but the free server has a limit of resets per machine per day. The limit depends on your current rank, increasing with higher ranks. You can see the amount of resets you still have for each machine by hovering the mouse over the orange circle near the reset button.

I see that now, thanks for letting me know

I there any way to report misuse of the Reset function? There is currently a user (blizzardy) who is systematically resetting every box one by one, including the one I’m on. I’ve cancelled about 10 in the last 10 minutes, i’m getting bored now! The profile suggests it’s a new account.