Do people patch machines just to f$%& with noobs?

Trying to walk through a basic machine, and someone has patched it. Now I’ve been trying to reset the machine for an hour and it looks like it keeps getting cancelled. Is someone just fucking with me to get a laugh?

If you look in the shoutbox (Login :: Hack The Box :: Penetration Testing Labs) you can see who cancels the reset and possibly open a discourse with them.

As for patching the box - it really depends. I’ve never seen one patched by anyone other than the admin team.

I believe some older boxes don’t work properly with walkthroughs because tools have changed. Which box, if it’s retired?

Never seen anyone do that. Much more likely you’re doing something wrong or using the wrong version of a tool etc

Yeah, after giving it a few hours and coming back everything seems to work as intended now. Not sure what it was that was the issue. As vbscrub said I was probably just doing something wrong