New JuicyPotato Alternative (RoguePotato)

JuicyPotato doesn’t work on Windows Server 2019 or certain Windows 10 builds (see here: No more rotten/juicy potato? – Decoder's Blog )

But now there’s a new version :slight_smile:

Its not quite as straight forward and easy to use as JuicyPotato but not too bad (see example usage on github page)

Download: GitHub - antonioCoco/RoguePotato: Another Windows Local Privilege Escalation from Service Account to S

Explanation: No more JuicyPotato? Old story, welcome RoguePotato! – Decoder's Blog

So how many people will be using this to break the next HTB box they come across where we have impersonation privileges? :lol:

Definitely gonna test this out :smiley: