Shield - JuicyPotato??

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to work through the Starting Point boxes using the guides provided. The Priv Esc for Shield says to download the JuicyPotato.exe binary from GitHub - ohpe/juicy-potato: A sugared version of RottenPotatoNG, with a bit of juice, i.e. another Local Privilege Escalation tool, from a Windows Service Accounts to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.. It’s highly likely I’m missing something obvious being new to this, but my untrained eye doesn’t see a .exe anywhere. Am I supposed to try and compile the binary myself?

I have tried git cloning the whole repository then g++ -o JuicyPotato.exe JuicyPotato.cpp but it’s throwing up a fatal error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

try that

So I was missing something blatantly obvious!


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