Need some help with the Hidden in Colors stgano challange

hey all :slight_smile:
i spend a lot of time with hidden in color stegano challange but found nothing
anyone here that can point me in right direction
thnx in advance :slight_smile:

I am in the same position and cant seem to make a progress on it!! :frowning:

@andrewh said:
I am in the same position and cant seem to make a progress on it!! :frowning:

if you get any thing drop a hint :wink:

have you guys managed to move forward with it?

for me … nop i got nothing

Can anyone offer a hint/point in right direction?

Top left …

Top left translates to trolled - not very helpful. I tried strings, binwalk, steghide, xxd, exiftool, ELA, clone detection, LG, noise analysis, even tried the hex color codes hoping they will give me some hash (too long for md5 but was worth the shot). Hit the brick wall so hoping for any kind of suggestion on what to try next…

It’s hard to give a hint without spoiling this one, but if you read a few stego CTF write-ups you’ll eventually find one that is similar.

you dont need fancy tools for this one. read the tip again and think what could be meant with it

Anyone able to give me some help with this one? I’ve got some long repetitive strings but they don’t seem to help

I am stuck here as well, any hints besides the upper left? Not sure how to take “last 2 digits.” hint?

I’ll DM you

any hint…I’ve been staring at this for 3 days and nothing pops in my head…

@Sandel I’ll DM you

I thought I understood what “last 2 digits” meant, but I’ve tried tools for what I thought it was and it didn’t work

@MistletoeH GIMP :wink:

@jackshd Thanks man :slight_smile: I used GIMP but still can’t figure out what to do with the stuff I’ve got now…

Spoiler Removed - Arrexel

I tried putting the digits I got as the flag but it was invalid :frowning: