Massacre Hint

Since it’s been 3 days since release and still no solves:

Some pixels are not like the others.

That’s all. Try harder :wink:

We already know about that and the LSB contects… Thanks for making it a try harder lesson tho… :astonished:

Just to add, since I mentioned it to someone I should probably share here as well to be fair:

The first column was not intended to be how it is, however it is still important.

That’s why it seemed a bit weird. Well thanks for the info.

that “Some pixels are not like the others.” hint is throwing me off :anguished: , do i have to divide you know what into different components? is “m*d” taking play in this? hm, am i overthinking it // edit: saw what frey put above, still trying to figure out how to approach this… i might have an idea of what was used but ehhh

I found some interesting pixel. try to decode hex,decimal but wire with other separate pixels. is it right way?

Check some values. They seem a bit odd, don’t they?

PGP has something to do with it?

Is this an another BitsnByte challenge?

This is the last steganography challenge I have to do and it looks like a doozy. I obviously wasn’t able to find anything with the usual first steps/tools. I’ve been examining the RGB data based on the 2-3 hints already posted here, but absolutely nothing is popping out at me. I’m probably overthinking it. I always do.

Any non-spoiler tips/nudges on where to get started with this?

Never mind. Solved.


I’m currently stuck.
Got some “funny” pixels, but can’t get out anything from those.
I’m probably ignoring something (encryption? decoding?).
It is my last stego XD and I’m sure I’m overlooking something important.
Any push in the correct direction would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

I have converted the content of key.txt to binary but not sure if its correct and what is the next step. I tried frequency analysis of the encrypted.bin but not sure which command should I use to copy the correct content of the .bin file. if I used strings it has some ? if cat it has square box of question mark.

I hope there’s anyone here who could give me a hand for my next step.

Thank you.

Nevermind, I got it.

Can someone DM me. I’ve tried LSB converted to hex,ascii got nothing. I’m stuck thinking through different approaches.

can someone suggest some methods to solve this , I already tried some of the basics such as looking in the image in hex ,searching for base64, or extracting the LSBs nothing seems to help, I cant seem to find a tool for viewing the pixels of the massacre image

I’ve got a slew of data and none of it makes any sense. Did I go the wrong direction? Please DM me a nudge, preferable a big one since I am completely lost at this point.

EDIT 3/13/19 : FINALLY! With a bit of scripting help and a dark ritual or two and I finally got it. This challenge is beyond evil

Welp can’t solve it. Used multiple tools and lost. Seeing as no one is helping i’ll skip this.

EDIT 3/13/19: Thanks N30C0UNT yea that was pretty interesting challenge. I can’t wait for more stego challenges to be added later.

I finally managed to solve it. The first steps are pretty similar to “not_art”, but at the end a brainfart was necessary to solve it (I forgot one specific “calculation” on the RGB values). Whoever needs advice, PM me if you want!