n00b struggling with 'emdee five for life'

I thought I had a good handle on how to solve this challenge, but all my efforts are “Too slow!”. I’ve spun my wheels long enough, at this point I’m swallowing my pride and asking for help.

Here’s my python script in a public gitHub repo. ANY suggestions are appreciated. Ty.

My script is definitely wrong. If I take the string input and encode it with an online MD5 encoder, the output doesn’t match the MD5-encoded output from my script. I botched something somewhere.

I found a write-up and used it to solve the challenge. Here’s the code from the writeup, plus a few extra print statements that I used to see what was going on.

It looks like this person handled the regEx piece differently than I did. I’ll bet that’s where I screwed up. Time to do some testing and dig in a little more. I’m a bit embarrassed as this is the EASY box, but I need to figure out why my code didn’t work…

my issue was that I wasn’t stripping the ’ ’ s from my string before encoding the string… oops.

I would recommend to use beautiful soup. The library helps to filter out the expected values cleaner and much faster than grepping.

Can anyone please give me a nudge what is wrong with my script? #!/bin/bash curl -d "hash=$(curl --no-progress-meter | head -n6 | tail -n1 | cut -d ‘>’ -f 4 | cut -d ’

Lol, solve that. Hint: think not only about speed