Emdee five for life

Ok, for this this challenge I opted to use python to craft a script that creates a session, get the text to be hashed, hash it using hashlib, and on the same session submit it. Not working. I feel I’m either overlooking or overthinking something.

What does wireshark show if you watch the traffic? It might help to see what you’re sending out, since it definitely sounds like you’re almost there.

Lol i dont know why i didnt think to use wireshark. Anywho got the flag. Thanks again

OK sure it works via the Python script but I don’t get it why it only returns the POST data and why for e.g. Burp cannot get the flag in the POST request output. Isn’t a script doing the same as any other tool that intercepts the HTTP requests. Anybody?

When you make a request a new connection is made every time. So you need to make a get and post request using a single connection. DM for more help

If your using python take a closer look at

This really helped with my scripting!

Just did this one - pretty easy points if you know some scripting! I really enjoyed it!

@letMel00kDeepr , requests.Sessions() definitely helped me for this.

Yes, keeping the session open for this is key.

Thanks, the sessions has helped me too

So… I wrote a python script that does a Get and Post Request immediately still getting a Too Slow. can anyone help me out here?

can you pm me the code your using?


I’ve got a flag (in “HTB{…}” form) but it doesn’t register. Could be a false positive ?

Edit: Forget about it, seems it was a website side error, it register now.

I’v got the flag in a htb{…} but websites says it’s incorrect flag ! what is the problem ?