Emdee five for life

Hello, I wrote a golang script for solution but I am always get Too Slow! is it because of my net or script (I am not good at english sorry for it)

I tried with standart http library too here is the script

I tried with python too :stuck_out_tongue: I think i can’t get the flag because of my internet or the challenge itself

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I tried with python too :stuck_out_tongue: I think i can’t get the flag because of my internet or the challenge itself

And I see a mistake here :-1:
Ever tried to look up what is the hash to be hashed when get() and what is being hashed and passed in the post(). Find a way to do these two in a single request.

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Oops, I just read the Rule page a moment ago, sorry for the full code spoiler. Won’t do that anymore.

Do not use a highlevel module/library to parse the result, that’s what is too time expensive. Use as plain code as possible. I had the same problem, but with plain python I managed to post the hash in time.

Hi, i’m trying in Golang too, here’s my script: https://github.com/not4nhacker/emdeefiveforlifeexploit
Package “strip” is GitHub - grokify/html-strip-tags-go: export stripTags from html/template as strip.StripTags
I’m getting Too Slow because of my potato-like connection or because my HelloKitty-like skills in scripting?

Thank you for the challenge, enjoyed it.
Reminded me, that you should think and understand what are you doing and what are trying to achieve.

Hint: The language doesn’t matter, python or go, or something else. The main point of this challenge is to remind you about network protocols stack.

I really advice you to watch the video of Ippsec about Blunder box. He wrote a python script to brute force a web application and you can inspire yourself with this one for the challenge.

video: HackTheBox - Blunder - YouTube
*(he starts writing the script around 15 min, but it’s always better to watch it since the beginning)

For the record, you can definitely use high-level libraries. If I can do it using using high-level Python libraries in a VM, the problem isn’t the execution time of the code.

Your internet may be too slow, or you may be forgetting to include some information along with the hash… (I know I forgot originally, and it gives a generic “too slow” message for any failure).