MD5 Checksum error from python >> .exe from windows 7 to Kali Box - Why?

Hey People

IM on the privesc of a box and have converted a python exploit into a windows exe with pyinstaller 2.1 to run it locally.

When I send it via NC to my kali box the md5sum is different ( shows corruption) .

Plowing through ii get it onto the box and it has zero bytes so I could not even attempt to run it.

What could be happening to corrupt the file?


its best if you base64 it with cat ‘file.exe’ | base64 then copy the base64 there and then base64 -d ‘’ > file.exe. but the problem is windows doesnt have a base64 decrypt program except the one on powershell here

@DirtyNutBuster said:

its best if you base64 it with cat ‘file.exe’ | base64
base64 file.exe works too

ahhh true

also be sure when you have the file in the decrypted string
to pipe it with this >
so maybe like $decrypted > file.exe or something like that