Machine names

Hi all, first post on here. I’ve just owned blue, but it took a while for me to do it, as I was confused by the hostname.

I guess I was expecting the hostname of the machine to match the name of the machine in the hackthebox list, but it doesn’t. I was worried I was inadvertently hacking the wrong thing.

Without wanting to give a spoiler, now I think about it, the “blue” name is pretty obvious.

Are all the machines like that?

For instance, I can see blocky, and from my enumeration, that name makes sense, but I don’t know if the actual hostname will match the HTB name for it?

I just started this yesterday, and ive noticed that the names in HTB are basically your first hint. For instance i was working on mirai yesterday and once thought about it, and the ‘exploit’ used, things started to make sense!

From what I’ve seen, the HTB machines tend to use a naming scheme like “machinename.htb” … if that helps at all.