Looking for HTB noobs to start a group

I made an account a couple of days ago. I wanted to work with others to solve challenges and to improve together as a team. Let me know if anyone is interested!


Hi bro, I’m starting too, we can help each other

I am interested. How exactly do you want to “work with others” to solve challenges? :smiley:

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I’ve been doing this for the past month or two so definitely a noob. Would be kind of cool to join a group of other noobs so I’m in

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I can create a telegram group and thus help us better

Telegram works! let me know

Been at it since end of June. Let me know how and where we can communicate.

Guys join here in discord

Join up on Oxykwh0’s discord. He already it made it so it would be easier to pile in.

Join up with us on here: HTB-Noobs?

i can join

Hi, you can join our discord - Link

anyway around having to input phone number?

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I think instead of signing up if you go to discord’s page and sign in through your email ID you can bypass the phone number requirement. Although it’s compulsory now if you lose access to your primary verification method.

im on a school computer so its blocked sorry

School computer you say? How is it “blocked”? Can you please explain, we might have a work around.

my school has blocked just about every thang

I’m interested. I currently work in cybersec but am also a hackthebox noob

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I’m fresh to the Box can I join?

Yes, ofcourse! Use the link above to join.